Finding new ways to make big things happen.


Like you, we’re interested in finding ‘new’ ways to make big things happen. We love that Einstein quote

“The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results”. Well, we aren’t interested in doing the same old things.

We're passionate about taking the road less travelled, and aiming for the stars (okay okay… we’ll stop!). Our model is simple; we bring together Makers from within a community, we collaborate, we co-create, we find exciting new ways of addressing the challenges that lie ahead, and then we make them happen. We never back down from a challenge… in fact, we prefer it that way; that's how we know we’re onto a winner. We recognise that waiting for ‘they’ to act is probably not the best idea. We know that complaining about the challenge won’t make it go away. Instead, we propose a new way, by helping Makers to get the job done, from the ground up. We are a non-profit, footloose and fancy free social enterprise, with a big agenda for making things better.


We. Not They.