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The Makers



This is Rhys, our CEO. He is the 2015 Young West Australian of the year, the Chair boards in the arts and education, and someone with a genuine passion for improving his local community. He spends his time coming up with ways to strengthen communities, racing his power boat down the Avon River, scuba diving, surfing (...well, trying), and planning where he is going to get his next passport stamp. Rhys is always excited to meet new people and chat about how we can all solves big problems together.




Operations Manager

Five minutes with Karen and you’ll appreciate why everything we do works so well. Karen takes on seemingly insurmountable challenges, keeps us constantly laughing and ensures everything ship-shape with her pro organising skills. We’re still trying to work out how she has found the time to fill a couple of passports, raise a family of three ambitious adult children, be a second Mum to the Youth on Leadership kids, sit on boards and put together tons of community events.


Communications Manager

With a love of making things better through creativity and good design, Skipper shapes our communications to strengthen the impact of our projects. Skipper’s passion for design was born at Curtin University, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts. But it wasn’t until Skipper joined The Makers that she discovered her drive for working on projects that make a difference. When Skipper isn’t playing with her new favourite typeface, or eating all the food in the Make Place fridge, she is freelancing or off on adventures seeking sunshine and surf.




Projects Officer

We met James six years ago when he first joined the Youth on Leadership program. He now runs the program and could lead a camp with his eyes closed. James makes sure that participants are exposed to incredible mentors and learning experiences that develop leadership, confidence, and communication skills. He also makes sure there is no shortage of marshmallows, colourful socks or random snapchats.

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